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Marketing Director

Marketing Director's Job Description: Top Duties

A Strategic Marketing Director is responsible for promoting the brand or product of a business to new customers and maintaining a relationship with existing customers.

Their duties include developing advertising campaigns, maximizing profits, and maintaining strong public relations and brand image.

What does a Marketing Director do?

Marketing Directors ensure the growth of a company through developing effective advertising campaigns that help sell products and services. They also create lasting relationships with consumers and boost revenues. They oversee many creative, digital, analytical, and financial aspects of marketing projects. This often entails working with employees in the areas of sales and distribution, market research, and content creation.  

Marketing Director direct sales strategies by collecting research on products and new trends, and analyzing data to identify new customers. They are typically involved in various promotional activities within a company, which can extend to every available avenue.

A Marketing Director's duties and responsibilities may include:

  • Planning, developing, and directing multiple avenues of marketing strategies to drive sales

  • Overseeing social media accounts and websites to engage existing customers and establish positive public relations

  • Implementing search engine optimization (SEO) in online media

  • Researching trends and new marketing opportunities, and brainstorming ideas

  • Coordinating and producing financial documents for advertising campaigns, such as budgets, estimates, and contracts

  • Communicating and negotiating with ad agencies, employees, marketing staff, editors, and writers

  • Addressing problems and troubleshooting campaigns

  • Analyzing customer feedback and campaign performance

Marketing Director Skills and Qualifications

The successful Marketing Director is a creative thinker who can pinpoint the specific needs of a project but also keep in mind the larger components necessary for its completion. This candidate is a confident leader and someone who plans ahead. Their top skills generally include:

  • Excellent organizational and planning skills

  • Excellent verbal and written communication

  • Personable and able to work in a team environment

  • Strong attention to detail

  • Creative and innovative thinking

  • Good research and problem-solving skills

  • Ability to work well under pressure

  • Adaptability

Marketing Manager experience requirements:

At least one year of experience in the field of marketing, sales, or public relations is typically required of Marketing Director. In some cases, position may favor significant industry experience over education.

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